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Top Sheds & Gazebos for 2018
Ranch House Kit   RANCHOUSE KITS

Available in 4 sizes and includes:

• Exterior finish 100% Western Red Cedar
• 7 foot high prebuilt wall panels
• Double door - 5 feet wide
• Cedar shingle roof panels
• 4 foot deep Ridge Porch
• Porch is 6 ft high with 33" handrails
• Plywood floor with 2x4 cedar floor joist
• 2 Fixed windows
• Decorative shutters and planter box


Cookhouse kit   COOKHOUSE KIT - Great for BBQs!

Available in 3 sizes and includes:

• Exterior finish 100% Western Red Cedar
• 7 foot high prebuilt wall panels
• Double door - 5 feet wide
• Cedar shingle roof panels
• 4 foot deep Ridge Porch
• Enclosed Gable Porch
• Plywood floor with 2x4 cedar floor joist
• 2 Fixed windows
• Decorative shutters and planter box



Available in 4 sizes and includes:

• Exterior finish 100% Western Red Cedar
• 7 foot high prebuilt wall panels
• Double door - 5 feet wide
• Cedar shingle roof panels
• 4 foot deep Ridge Porch
• Porch is 6 ft high with 33" handrails
• Plywood floor with 2x4 cedar floor joist
• 2 Fixed windows
• Decorative shutters and planter box

Featured Backyard Buildings
CEDARSHED SHED KITS are easy to assemble and require no cutting. Our garden sheds are constructed so that you don't need to be a professional carpenter to assemble them, though limited carpentry skills are recommended. Assembly hardware and plans are included with all designs.


Available in 10 sizes and includes:

• Exterior finish 100% Western Red Cedar
• 6 foot High prebuilt wall panels
• Double door - 5 feet wide
• Cedar shingled roof panels
• Plywood floor boards with 2x4 cedar floor joist
• 1 Fixed window
• Decorative shutters and planter box


Sunhouse   SUNHOUSES - SAVE $535!

Available in 4 sizes and includes:

• Exterior finish 100% Western Red Cedar
• Thermoclear panels used in commercial greenhouses
• Workbenches
• Dutch door and push-out window
• Door can be placed on either end
• Prebuilt panels for quick and easy assembly
• Cedar shingled roof panels

Gazebo Kits

manufactures a style of backyard gazebo to fit every outdoor occasion and lifestyle. The wooden gazebo kits are designed to be fun and easy to complete, with the non-carpenter in mind.

The HEXAGON GAZEBO (shown here) makes an elegant addition to your backyard or patio. It's available in both 8ft and 10ft sizes and comes in both precut and panelized versions.

Customize your Cedar Gazebo!
We offer many options like cupolas, benches, weathervanes, and other very stylish features. Ask how we can vary your kit to meet your needs.

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Relocating Your Gazebo Ė What You Need to Know


A Gazebo is the best option to provide you with the warmth and the shade that you need all summer long in your backyard. Constructed in various ornamental designs, they add a penchant of beauty in the area. However, relocating such a humongous structure is a whole different task.

Moving your Gazebo, whether to a different spot or a completely new location, is a difficult task, especially if done without piano moving company Toronto aide. What seems to be a doable process may turn into a nightmare even at the smallest mistake at the time of relocation. The job is risky, puzzling, and time and resource consuming. Hence, it highly recommended having adequate and the correct assistance while undertaking such task.

Removalists provide professional assistance in such tasks. They are professionals who will help you with the planning, dismantling, loading, moving, and relocating to the new base of the structure. This will ease your physical as well as a mental burden as your beautiful summer resting place will be safe in the hands of these professionals.

Whatever the reason and the distance of relocation for the structure are, it is always required to plan out the details of the move before starting out the actual work. Creating a path to the new destination would be the first priority. After you have decided on the path you will carry the structure, you can carry out the relocation in two ways:

Move it out in one piece. If you think that dismantling the gazebo may be a tiresome task and might do damage to the structures, you can move it out as it is. The easiest way to carry that out is to call a crane company which will be able to access the structure by uprooting it via its base. Alternatively, you can dig a base around the structure yourselves with the help of removalists and jack it out of its position using a car or truck jack. You can then move it around with the help of logs if it’s a nearby spot or via a transportation truck if the new location is far from the current spot.

Dismantle and Assemble. If the gazebo is inaccessible in its complete form, you can always dismantle the structure and then carry out the relocation. The removalists can also help you in dismantling the structure starting from its roof, then to its pillars and finally removing its base. One should carefully wrap and label the dismantled parts to move them to their new location. Upon reaching the destination, you can carry out the procedure in reverse to put your favourite gazebo back together in its original form.

Even with professional assistance, the risk of moving a gazebo depends on several factors such as its weight and dimensions. Make sure you understand the risk of this relocation and prepare yourself for the movement. In this way, you’re more likely to move the gazebo successfully. Also, consider the removalists that you’re going to hire. Make sure that they’re reliable and have great reviews so that you’re assured that they’ll be able to assist you professionally and skilfully.

Building Your Own Outdoor Dartboard Stand


Darts is definitely one of the most enjoyable activities that you can do at the pub. That’s why it’s easy to get attached to the game. However, not all of us can enjoy it anytime we want, especially at home where we don’t know where to put a dartboard. Fortunately, you can do something about this if you really want to play with the best darts in the world regularly.

All you have to do is just buy a dartboard. Got no place to put it? What you can do is build a dartboard stand. Making your own stand is simply easy. Plus, it’s mobile so you can surely move it from one place to another, making it a convenient addition to your home. If you don’t know how, here’s what you should prepare and do at home:

What to Prepare

First, you need to identify the dimensions of your dartboard stand. What you can do is that take your height or all of the people’s height in the household and base your dartboard stand’s length in terms of the highest height gathered. For the width, you can base it from the dartboard itself. However, make sure that you put an extra space on each side of the dartboard stand to make room for it. It’s ideal to make more room at the sides so that your darts will just land on them and not necessarily on the floor or ground.

Once you’re done gathering the dimensions, prepare all of these materials and tools:


  • Wood (dimensions are up to you)
  • Board (dimensions are up to you)
  • A dartboard to mount
  • Nuts and bolts for mounting the dartboard
  • Wood glue
  • Wood screws
  • Primer, paint, and coating (choose your own color)


  • Hammer
  • Saw
  • Screwdriver
  • Paintbrush
  • Sander or sandpaper

Steps to Make a Dartboard Stand

Once you’re done gathering all of the materials and tools, all you have to do is start making it. Here are the steps:

Step 1:

Make the base of the dartboard stand by vertically positioning the wood as the stand’s body.

Once you’re able to make it stand by attaching the wood into a ground base, you can already place your board where your dartboard is going to be installed.

Use the wood glue and nuts and bolts to attach the wood and the board together. Let the glue dry and check if it’s stable enough.

Step 2:

Once stable, you can now sand the dartboard stand. Once done, put the primer, paint, and the final coating of the dartboard stand. You can pick your own colors for this. Make sure that it’s completely dry before proceeding with the next step.

Step 3:

If the stand is already dry, you can now attach your dartboard. With the use of the remaining nuts and bolts or wood screw, make sure that the dartboard is strongly placed. 

These are the steps in making a simple dartboard stand that you can definitely make at home. With these, you can now play darts in the comforts of your home anytime and anywhere.

Ten Summer Food Ideas to Order Online for Your Garden Party


The best part about summer is spending time outdoors with friends and family. It could be a picnic in the park or a party in your garden or on the rooftop. The key to having a good party is having a great professional caterer. There are many caterers online. They will ensure that you have the best home meal delivery and the party is stress-free. Below are ten summer food ideas to order online for your garden party.

Fruits and Veggies Party

With the hot summer weather, the best thing you can do is serve your guests with something that is can be eaten cold. Serve them fresh fruits and vegetables and cool them to accommodate the weather.

Bohemian Party

This style requires having a low table where the guests can sit on a pillow. Decorate the area with candles and lanterns. Each dish is served separately as compared to having a buffet. The key to success is on the flower decorations, the seating arrangements, and of course, the food. Hence, make sure to order from a Bohemian-themed restaurant.

Tea Party

This is lovely for an afternoon get together. A tea party is suited for a reunion with old friends because it provides the perfect balance between a relaxed and elegant atmosphere. There are several catering services chat can take care of the food for your garden tea party.

Canapés Party

This type of party will keep your guests full. It is ideal for breaking the ice and keeping the event lively because the people are constantly on the move.

Sunny French Rivera Party

Treat your guest with a trip to the south of France. Allow them to enjoy some Mediterranean dishes in a buffet style. Top the meal with a great wine selection. The tables can be decorated with fresh lavender and white tablecloth.

Barbeque Party

No summer is complete without a barbeque party. You do not have to serve the regular sausages and grilled dishes. You can make your party more elegant and official and still maintain the authenticity of a barbeque party by ordering a variety of barbeque foods online.

Vintage Garden Party

This party is suitable for guests who like to dress up. Choose your favorite decade and decorate your garden accordingly.  Have some great music to juice up the atmosphere and make your guest feel as though they have traveled back in the past.

Fairy Tale Evening Party

This style requires many lights to make the garden warm and cozy. To be extra adorable, serve the guests with something with sprinkles.

Picnic Party

A natural setting outside your garden or patio is a great idea for a picnic. The catering services can deliver a great home meal delivery as there are a lot of picnic foods online.  All you need is a red checked blanket and champagne and you are good to go.

Finger Food Selection

This is a great style for a flavorful yet effortless party. Have your guests enjoy finger foods in a natural setting of your choice. Remember the best way to impress your guest is to keep things simple.

Whatever it is that you may fancy this summer, be sure to keep it fun and satisfying.

How to Build a Marijuana Grow House


Marijuana cultivation has become a subject of popular interest since the legalization of cannabis under state law. This is understandable as growing your own cannabis does present many advantages with its different forms such as edibles and CBD oil.

One very important aspect of cannabis cultivation is having a place to grow it. Many aspiring growers find themselves lost when it comes to figuring out where to grow their plants and how to go about it. Below, we have compiled the most important information you need to know if you are planning to build a marijuana grow house.

What Is a Grow House?

A marijuana grow house is simply the place where you grow your plants. Cannabis is an indoor plant, and just like any other plant, it needs water, nutrients, the right temperature and regulated lighting. When constructing a grow house, its structure must be considered and checked in relation to how it affects all of the factors that are important to cannabis plant growth. The grow house must be a space where lighting and temperature can be controlled easily and where the plants have the space that they need to grow. It is important for the size of the grow house to be proportional to the volume of plants that will be grown. It is relatively easy to plan and construct a grow house. All you need is to be mindful of every aspect of it.

How do I Build a Marijuana Grow House?

The answer to this question depends on how much marijuana you are planning to grow and for what purpose. If you are starting a business and planning to grow marijuana as part of a large operation, then you might find yourself needing to construct a big greenhouse.

Greenhouses for marijuana typically contain special rooms where the so-called mother plants, along with their clones, can be found, monitored and grown. These larger grow houses, typically called CGE (Closed Growing Environments), store marijuana in racks that are automated on huge trays. Drying is done in different rooms where heat and humidity can be easily controlled. There are also different rooms for the trimming, weighing and packing of the buds.

Another aspect to consider for growers that grow marijuana industrially and for mass distribution is security. Typically, these facilities are controlled by computerized security systems, locks incorporated with biometrics, and surveillance cameras. On the other hand, marijuana can be grown on a smaller scale within any environment that can be easily controlled by the grower.

Marijuana grow houses can range from cupboards (about 2-3 feet in size) to cabinets (9 square feet to 50 square feet), tents (16-64 square feet) and full-sized grow houses (exceeding 100 square feet.) The size and type of the grow house must correspond to the amount of the plant being cultivated and the purpose that they are being grown for. Preferably, a grow house should be made out of steel, but any space can be a grow house as long as it has ventilation, lighting, insulation and irrigation that caters to the plant's needs.

Transforming Your Garden Shed for Better Mental Health

Transforming Your Garden Shed for Better Mental Health

Oftentimes, homeowners forget and disregard the importance of the garden shed in their household. Some use it only as a storage area while others utilize it as a place for dumping unnecessary clutter from the main house. However, garden sheds do not only serve for this purpose.

Garden sheds are the best place to make memories with family and friends, and transforming your garden shed yourself can serve as a therapy, improving your mental health. With this, you have more ways other than taking brain supplements to improve your mental state. There are some good supplements like OptiMind Review: Does It Really Work? Is it Safe? Worth it? but still improving your surroundings is a natural way to solve it. Learn how to upgrade your garden shed with the tips below.

Take On a New Hobby.

You can transform your garden shed into a place where you can do a new hobby. By doing a new hobby, you can be relieved from stress and you can balance your daily routine. Adding roof lights, tables, benches, and additional lighting could help you be more productive with your chosen hobby.

Try Cooking Outdoors.

You can transform your garden shed into an alternative place for your culinary skills. It will be a perfect place for friends and visitors to get together and do some cooking outdoors. Just add a water supply, a mini sink, and other kitchen materials.

Transform the Shed into an Alternative Space for Work.

You can convert your garden shed into a perfect working space. Having to work outside in a garden office set up can bring a positive effect to your mental state especially with nature in the background. Working in this kind of environment can bring better brain function and concentration that also increases productivity.

Set Up a Place for Family Bonding.

With family members always hooked up with electrical gadgets, the garden shed can be a place for family bonding. Children always love to play outside and adults can also have some playtime in the garden shed. Just be creative as you look for ideas in transforming your shed into a playhouse.

Create a Good Place in Doing Physical Activity.

Your garden shed can be converted into a place for your exercise and fitness activity. It can be transformed into a gym or even a yoga studio. Just do some minor renovations to make the place your physical fitness sanctuary.

Hold Night Parties.

Your garden shade can be an alternative place in entertaining your friends and visitors during the night. It can be a place for night party, movie viewing or even a garden bar with matching party lights. Just add an outdoor power supply, chairs, and other party stuff to make the night perfect.

These are the different ideas that will convert your garden shed into a beautiful and exciting place. These transformation ideas can be beneficial to you, to your mental health and that of your family too. All you have to do is be creative in choosing the best transformation ideas that suit your personality.

Installing Stylish Ceiling Fans in Your Shed

Ceiling Fans in a Gazebo

It is true that a shed need not be fancy, however, it is always both useful and helpful to have a shed that is both functional and comfortable. Among one of the many ways that you can improve your shed to become a more comfortable place not only for you but also for your tools, is to install a ceiling fan inside. You can even choose a stylishly-designed one to add flair to your shed.

SPINís designer fans are enough to get anyone through a hot day, plus, there are many benefits to having a ceiling fan in your shed. A ceiling fan’s main function is to keep the air inside a room moving so that the people inside do not become hot and uncomfortable. It definitely saves more electricity and energy than air conditioners – the regular ceiling fan only uses about seventy-five watts of energy, which is about ten times less than that used by an air conditioner. By using a ceiling fan, you are not only saving money, you are also saving energy. In addition, it can really tie a room together and even make a shed look just that much better.

Thanks to recent updates and improvements in technology, any regular Joe can install a ceiling fan, and it does not have to take all day, either. Putting a ceiling fan in your shed has never been easier and more convenient. What’s more is that the market now boasts of the widest array of ceiling fans. You can easily find a style and a size that best fits your tastes and needs.

Before installing your ceiling fan of choice inside your shed, you should first assess what exactly your shed needs. Take accurate measurements of your shed so that you will know what size and length the blades of your ceiling fan should be. Ceiling fans come in a varied assortment, of course, with long blades and short blades – and it is up to you to choose which one best fits your needs.

Although it can be easy, it can also be dangerous. Make sure to do proper and enough research about ceiling fans and installation before attempting it. With that in mind, you can go ahead and proceed with providing ventilation for your shed via a ceiling fan.

The first step to undertake in installing any ceiling fan, after taking accurate measurements of the shed and buying the most appropriate ceiling fan, is to actually assemble the fan. Most, if not all, ceiling fans that can be purchased today come with easy-to-follow manuals that carefully detail how to put together the item, along with the safety precautions that must be taken during its assembly.

The next thing you have to do is to make sure that you have a safe and proper place to mount your fan. Secure your fan against the ceiling and connect the electrical wires to the appropriate places. Duct tape is usually a good idea in this case, as it is a good way to be very sure that no one will get electrocuted by loose wires.

And there you have it – a ceiling fan is not only an excellent and convenient way to provide ventilation for your shed, it is also a great way to tie a room together and make it just that much nicer to look at.

How to Set Up an Outdoor Recliner in a Gazebo

Recliner in a Gazebo

There are a great many recliners reviewed and available on the market. However, not all of them are suitable to use in a gazebo.  Here are a few questions you need to answer before you set off shopping for a recliner chair.

How many do you need?

Obviously, the number of recliners you buy should be determined by the size of your gazebo. The worst thing you want to avoid is making the gazebo cramped by buying too many.

From which materials should your recliner be made?

Recliners can be made from various materials such as metal, aluminum, wood, plastic, wicker, rattan or some kind of composite substance. In choosing a material, you must consider its weight, cost, and durability.

What finish are you looking for?

Finishes are just as varied.  Metal could be powder-coated or painted and may need to be redone in the future.  Wood could be varnished or painted. It also needs refinishing later on.  Plastics, on the other hand, do not have this problem. However, they do tend to get scratched easier and start looking tatty much earlier.

Which design is best?

Some recliners are simple flat seats. Others have a curved shape, which can provide more comfort.  Some recliners have backrests that can adjust to a number of positions, and others can only go flat or to one angle.  Some recliners are fitted with wheels to make moving them around much easier.  There are also recliners with an aluminum tube design and a fabric covering, which is usually UV-resistant.

Does it come with a cushion?

Cushions are not always included in the price of a recliner. Before you buy one, try to ask how much it will cost with the cushion.

Hopefully, you now have a bit more information to install sitting setup in your new gazebo.

Setting Up BBQ Smokers Near Backyard Gazebos

Recliner in a Gazebo

Several rules apply when setting up a propane smoker based on reviews next to a gazebo. However, there’s one thing that you should remember before anything else—never install one directly under a gazebo.  The reason for this is that all types of smokers produce carbon monoxide as a by-product of the combustion process. This gas can be poisonous if inhaled. 

Other rules you must follow are as follows:

  • Always set the smoker up on a flat, level and stable surface.
  • The surface must be non-combustible in the case of the smoker tipping over.
  • The smoker should be at least 10 feet from the gazebo or any other combustible structure.
  • The smoker should be placed where it cannot be knocked over by pets or children.
  • Take care not to place the smoker near dry leaves and shrubs or overhanging tree branches.
  • Be sure to have either an ABC type fire extinguisher, a bucket of sand, container of bicarbonate of soda or a garden hose ready in case of an unexpected fire.
  • Take note of the strength and direction of the wind on the day of your barbecue party to avoid the possibility of wind-borne sparks igniting nearby combustible material as mentioned earlier. This should be remembered especially if you are using charcoal type smokers.
  • You might have trouble positioning electric type smokers away from the gazebo. They come with power cords. Thus, you must use an extension cord. Position the cord carefully, though. You want to avoid the risk of someone tripping over it and sending everything flying in all directions.
  • With propane type smokers, you might have trouble positioning the gas bottle and the pipe.

Once you’ve set up the BBQ smoker properly, avoid attempting to move it whilst it is still hot.  Instead, wait until it has cooled down to be handled well.

How to Maintain Lawn around a Gazebo

Recliner in a Gazebo

A gazebo is a pavilion structure, sometimes octagonal or turret shaped, often built in a park, garden or spacious public area.  It would often be situated near or surrounded by a lush, green expanse of well-tended lawn which will add to its attraction.

Lush lawns, however, do not look after themselves. They do require a fair bit of work for them to look good.  You need to perform simple tasks done at the correct time.

Regular watering

How often you water the lawn depends on what kind of climate you have in the place where you live. The warmer the climate, the more often you will need to water your lawn. To minimize the hassle, you can buy an automated sprinkler system.

In places with hotter climates, it is generally advisable to water during the cooler part of the day or at night. This reduces evaporation which tends to limit the amount of water actually reaching the grass roots.

In places with colder climates, it is the opposite. It will be necessary to water during the day to avoid the risk of frost when the temperature drops at night.

Regular cutting

Apart from the obvious benefit of making your lawn look neat, regularly cutting the lawn actually aids in weed control.  Regular cutting forces the grass to spread horizontally and choke out any weeds trying to break through and germinate.

Try and avoid the temptation to cut the grass too short, though. This will leave ugly brown patches which are then more susceptible to burning from the midday sun and the return of weeds.

Use a high powered lawn mower in cutting grass. When not used, store your best zero turn lawn mower inside your garden shed. Taking care of your garden equipment ensures that it stays in a good condition and last longer.

Both petrol and electric lawnmowers need a certain amount of maintenance in order to function correctly even during winter.

  • Remove the caked dirt and grass from the body of the mower on a regular basis.
  • Sharpen the blades to ensure a clean cut.
  • Check cord of electric mower for damage and repair.
  • Service petrol mower as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Drain the gasoline from a petrol mower if storing for a long time.

Occasional feeding

This should only be necessary if your lawn is looking really tired, perhaps due to poor soil conditions or a severe winter.  A large variety of fertilizers are available to solve specific lawn problems, and your local garden center can give you good advice about this.  Whenever you use fertilizers, make sure that you water the lawn to avoid burning the grass.

Final Thoughts

The health of your lawn affects the beauty of your gazebo. Thus, you can’t take care of your gazebo without making sure that the lawn is in its tiptop condition.